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Blue Compass RV Featured in Forbes Magazine

Blue Compass Wants To Establish Compelling National RV-Retail Brand.

"Selling recreational vehicles has always been a largely fragmented business, with many small chains and mom-and-pops, often representing multiple brands, appealing to RV customers across various geographies. But Blue Compass RV aims to create a strong national brand by consolidating its 100 stores in 33 states under a single umbrella and developing a distinct and standardized approach to match.

'We’ve got an opportunity to create a powerful retail brand around an exceptional customer experience, and with our geographic footprint and how RVers travel from coast to coast, we have the opportunity to touch most RVers in America with our brand and store footprint,' said Jon Ferrando, CEO of Blue Compass, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., formerly RV Retailer.

In just four years, Ferrando has built the organization into the second-largest RV retailer in America, behind Camping World, along the way consolidating more than 20 regional store brands into a single brand."

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